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Florida Supreme Court Could Take on Gay Marriage Issue

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2014 | Firm News

An appeals court in Florida has requested the state Supreme Court to take on the issue of gay marriage after passing on the opportunity to rule on the issue.

The case involves two women who were married in Massachusetts in 2010. They would now like to seek a divorce in Florida, but their request to do so was denied by a judge in Hillsborough County, who cited that state law does not recognize same-sex marriages in the first place. The appeals court judge wrote that it would be best for the Supreme Court to examine the issue, because it has taken on such great importance statewide.

The state Supreme Court could still deny the request to hear the case, but if it does not, it would need to decide whether Florida should recognize same-sex marriages that occurred in other states.

This news emerges after several couples won cases in four South Florida counties, with the judges striking down the state’s ban on gay marriage. However, these rulings do not apply statewide.

Regardless of how this case plays out, it’s obvious that gay rights activists are making incredible progress in their efforts to make these marriages legal in Florida and across the United States. Until then, however, such couples still cannot enjoy most of the benefits that other married people in the state have, including those pertaining to health insurance, death benefits and hospital visitation.

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