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How Social Media Can Affect Your Divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Firm News

How Social Media Can Affect Your Divorce

In an increasingly connected world, the line between “real life” and social media has been sufficiently blurred. You might even have several accounts where you post interesting ideas and photos relevant to your life and interests.

While there’s no doubt that social media has positively changed the lives of many, there are also potential pitfalls to be aware of. One of those is the impact social media content could have on your divorce proceedings. Read on to discover how taking better control of your social media accounts could translate to better legal protection.

Realize the Public Nature of Social Media

Even when you have staunch security settings in place, individuals other than your friends and contacts may obtain things you post online – that includes possible feuds with your ex-spouse. Not only are these displays uncomfortable to your network, but they could also become admissible evidence in court. In most cases, even after posts have been deleted, they’re still accessible in cached/archived form.

In addition, airing scenes from your private life in this manner could have consequences in other aspects of your life, including work/school, ongoing relationships with mutual friends, and more. Even when you take caution on your own social sites, friends may not be so discerning when posting photos and videos of you in potentially-compromising situations. These same “friends” may also align themselves with your ex-spouse and attempt to publicly humiliate or alienate you.

Thankfully, you can avoid scenarios like this and glean valuable information and assistance by teaming with a trusted and reputable divorce attorney in Daytona Beach.

Understand the Potential Impact of Social Media

The public nature of social media often makes it difficult to set the line between private and public life. Unfortunately, even something as simple as updating a job or new home could complicate your divorce. That’s because most money matters are relevant to impending separation agreements.

In other cases, personal relationships and romantic interludes posted to your social media feeds could become part of admissible evidence in court. For instance, if you intentionally post photos and videos that reveal or even suggest that you are now living in a supportive relationship with someone else, you could face negative repercussions, including denial of alimony benefit. That’s a great question to ask your Daytona Beach divorce attorney.

Depending on the nature of your social media posts, a case could even be made about your ability to effectively parent minor children. For example, your ex-spouse may use as evidence images and videos of your drinking excessively, using illicit drugs, acting in a boisterous manner, or engaging in criminal activity or abusive behavior as grounds to attempt to bar you from future contact with your children.

It’s understandable that social media might be a comfort and haven as you attempt to navigate the often-confusing process of divorce. However, it’s best to exercise caution in all of your online activity. When you’re in doubt about whether or not past content could affect your divorce, it’s wise to contact a Daytona Beach lawyer who can assist you during this trying time.

Use Social Media Wisely During Your Divorce

As previously mentioned, social media has become so much a part of daily life that completely refraining from online platforms during your divorce may be unrealistic. Luckily, there are ways you can remain active online while still protecting yourself by avoiding questionable content, asking friends/loved ones not to tag you in posts, and more. It’s also wise to partner with a dynamic divorce lawyer in Daytona Beach who can provide valuable advice and insight.

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