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How can you tell your spouse is thinking of divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2021 | Divorce

Divorce takes a considerable amount of preparation. If your spouse is better prepared than you are, they could hold an advantage in divorce negotiations.

Your spouse may be secretly preparing for divorce

One way they could gain the upper hand is by delaying telling you they want a divorce. Then, once they have done all the planning, they announce that they have already filed to end your marriage.

Here are a few tell-tale signs that your spouse may be about to file:

  • They do not commit to plans: If your spouse has delayed the plans to build an extension or failed to commit to a destination for the summer vacation, it may be a sign they do not intend to stay around.
  • They no longer argue with you: If your partner no longer bothers to contest your perspective, it could be a sign they no longer care. Ignoring you completely is a definite sign of trouble.
  • They have nothing good to say about you: At the start of a relationship, we can see past each other’s faults and focus on the good things. When everything that comes out of your spouse’s mouth is critical, it is a sign things have hit bottom.
  • They spend less time at home: There are plenty of valid reasons to be out of the house. Yet, you might feel that your spouse is doing all they can to avoid you. If they head off to work early despite hating their job and find any excuse to get home late, it is a sure sign they do not want to be in your company.
  • They take a new interest in your finances: Questions about how much is in a certain account, how much the house is worth or where you keep certain documentation could be a clue that your spouse is getting ready to divorce.

While your spouse might have made a head start in planning for divorce, you can soon catch up with the appropriate legal assistance.