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Unaddressed emotions can derail your Florida divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | Divorce

It might sound unusual, but many in Ormond Beach that get a divorce feel surprised by the strength of their emotions throughout the process. Even in marriages filled with anger and hostility, spouses often feel regretful when it ends.

When unexpected feelings arise during a Florida divorce, it can affect your decision-making. If these emotions are left unaddressed, they may even harm your divorce.

Permit yourself to feel

The urge to suppress those pesky emotions when they interfere with your plans is natural. However, these feelings could arise at the worst possible moment. For example, you probably do not want to have an angry or tearful outburst during court proceedings or while working.

A better approach is accepting that your divorce may bring unwanted emotions to the surface. According to Mental Health America, these coping tips can help.

  •         Perform self-care- Remember to take care of yourself psychologically and physically (exercise, avoid alcohol, etc.) while going through a divorce.
  •         Avoid conflict- If talking with your spouse makes you emotional, break off negotiations for the day when you feel you have reached your limit.
  •         Cultivate interests- Distracting yourself from your thoughts by cultivating a new interest or hobby might improve your overall outlook.
  •         Get support- Purge your feelings by sharing them with someone you trust.
  •         Remain positive- Do not punish yourself for your feelings, or you might settle into a pattern of self-blame or other potentially harmful habits.

You may also find it beneficial to familiarize yourself with family law in Florida. The more you learn about divorce, the better your odds of achieving a more favorable outcome.