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Ormond Beach Probate and Family Law Blog

Emergencies and Divorce

Divorce can be an especially stressful time in the lives of both adults and children. A Google search for "divorce stress" recently yielded approximately 40 million results. Even an amicable and respectful divorce process is full of emotional challenges. So, it should...

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PRENUPS AND PREVENTIVE LAW You are in love. The person who is the fortunate recipient of that love makes your heart smile every day. And then, you pop the all-important question. Or perhaps you are on the receiving end of the romantic query. Life feels like it could...

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Step-Parent Adoptions

Although not as complicated and involved as regular adoptions, Step-Parent Adoptions can have a couple of nuances that can affect the smooth completion of the process.  It is not always necessary to have an attorney represent a step-parent in these types of...

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Stages of Estate Probate

The whole concept of probate intimidates many people, but it is often a simple, uniform process, whether the deceased had a will (testate) or not (intestate).  Except in unusual circumstances, most pleadings that a lawyer drafts from the beginning to the end of the...

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Alimony: Changing With The Times

Originally, the purpose of permanent alimony was to protect wives, who, historically, lacked the financial ability to meet their needs as they were established during the marriage.  As women achieved educational attainments and career growth that equaled or exceeded...

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