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Divorces Require Lawyers Who Care About You Personally

Divorce is, by nature, a troubling and stressful process for the entire family. The divorce attornies at Mara Law, P.A. in Ormand Beach and Palm Coast, understand the emotional toll your divorce takes on you, and we strive to assist divorcing parties reach agreements as amicably as possible. We take the time to get to know you personally and assess your specific case to find an agreement that works best for you and your children.

Contested And Uncontested Divorces Arise Over Several Key Issues

When sensitive issues lead to contested divorce, you’ll need to work with a divorce lawyer. Contested divorces require court appearances and generally revolve around any of the following issues:

It’s almost always preferable to avoid a contested divorce, as the court appearances in a contested divorce are both costly and time-consuming. An experienced attorney can help you reach an agreement in either a contested or uncontested divorce and avoid having to go through a trial. In many cases, both parties find that reaching a settlement agreement either in an uncontested divorce or contested divorce can reduce the strain on the rest of the family.

Our Lawyers Seek Smooth Settlements

The Florida lawyers from Mara Law, P.A., understand the emotions that go with divorce proceedings. We provide a personal approach to divorce law that comforts you throughout the process and keeps you calm even when addressing the more sensitive issues in your divorce. Our counsel also provides you with benefits that include:

  • Less time spent in court. We seek to settle as many divorces out of the courtroom as possible to reduce the strain on your family.
  • Lower costs. Divorces are expensive, but less time spent in court means lower legal fees.
  • Fair settlements about sensitive issues. If litigation is necessary for your divorce, we fight on your behalf to seek a fair resolution with child custodychild support and other positive outcomes.

We Can Assist You Through This Stressful Time

Let us handle your paperwork and courtroom advocacy so that you can concentrate on your family’s needs. Contact Mara Law, P.A., today at our Ormond Beach and Palm Coast offices at 386-661-8660 or through our website. Sitting down with an experienced divorce attorney who can give you legal options can put your mind at ease. Call now.