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You Have The Right To See Your Children

As a divorced parent, perhaps the most difficult aspect of your new life is potentially not seeing your children every day. However, with the help of an attorney from Mara Law, P.A., you can secure visitation and time-sharing rights that allow you to continue to be a major part of your children’s lives. We care about keeping parents connected with their children and devote ourselves fully to your case to ensure that you see your children often, even if you do not get primary custody of them.

We Help You Avoid Interference With Your Visitation Rights

In many cases after a divorce, the parent who gets custody of the children attempts to prevent his or her spouse from seeing the child. This is almost always a violation of visitation and time-sharing rights established in the divorce decree. A skilled lawyer helps you to establish these visitation rights and avoid potential interference. Common ways people attempt to interfere with visitation rights include:

  • Talking negatively about the other parent to the child
  • Withholding letters or calls from the other parent to the child
  • Deliberately scheduling appointments or activities during visitation times
  • Completely disregarding visitation rights

For information on how to prevent these interferences, contact a Daytona Beach divorce attorney from Mara Law, P.A.

Fighting For Your Right To See Your Children

You have the right to have an active role in the lives of your children, regardless of the wishes of your ex-spouse. A lawyer from Mara Law, P.A., stands up for you to achieve visitation solutions, including:

  • Expanded visitation rights. We seek to prove interference on the part of your ex-spouse to establish expanded visitation rights.
  • Modified visitation rights. We seek to modify the time-sharing agreement that allows you greater freedom in the activities you can share with your children.
  • Change in custody. If your ex-spouse continues to interfere in your time-sharing behavior, we fight to get you the time with your children to which you are entitled and, if necessary, to seek primary custody of your children for you.

Let A Lawyer Stand Up For Your Time-Sharing Rights

Stay involved with your children’s lives — call Mara Law, P.A., today at our Ormond Beach and Palm Coast office at 386-661-8660 or contact us online to arrange a consultation. We meet with you in person, return your phone calls quickly and always remain reliable and comforting.