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Carrying Out Our Loved Ones’ Last Wishes

Mara Law, P.A. takes pride in the meticulous work we do on behalf of personal representatives, beneficiaries and surviving spouses of a deceased’s estate. From an initial filing of a petition to the final order relieving the estate administrator, our probate lawyers are at your side, helping you carry out your duties and protecting your interests.

Assistance For Personal Representatives, Beneficiaries And Surviving Spouses

We represent personal representatives in both estate proceedings and probate court. We help personal representatives inventory, collect and obtain appraisals for all estate assets, pay taxes and creditors, and distribute assets. We assist with summary administration and formal administration and handle estates with and without wills (intestate). Our guidance allows for personal representatives to carry out their duties under the law. We also watch out for the interests of beneficiaries and ensure the estate’s personal representative adheres to Florida law. If you question a personal representative’s conduct or feel a will contest is in order, we pursue appropriate action. If you are a surviving spouse, attorney Wendy A. Mara will do what is necessary to analyze and protect your rights. She is a probate attorney who wishes to do what is best for you and your children. Whatever your circumstances, we will make ourselves available to answer your questions and address your needs. We are here to help.

Helping Benefactors Understand Their Legal Options

There are options a benefactor may wish to consider when putting together a will or trust. For example, you may wish to explore ways to avoid probate to save your loved ones time and expense. Our attorneys will discuss with you how to accomplish this, while at the same time preserving your wishes concerning the distribution of your estate.

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